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Patron: My dog loved this book!
Jody: He loved it a little too much.

Patron: You can’t charge me for that. He’s a service dog.
Jody: What does he do, chew for you?

Patron: Yes?
Jody: Doesn’t matter. I’d charge you for the book if you chewed it up yourself, too.


2 thoughts on “222”

  1. Sue Lester says:

    I can’t paste the image, but here is a link to a photo someone in my department has hanging on her wall: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_OWkjIlQD5Uk/TGbRkM_cOxI/AAAAAAAAAaM/S4LhEOFLHpY/s1600/dog+book5.jpg

    1. Kevin says:

      Well played Sue, well played.

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