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Patron: I feel like you think I dropped these books onto the floor.
Esther: No one is blaming you for anything.

Esther: As part of my efforts to improve relations with patrons in your age group, I’ve been told I’m not allowed to say anything bad. In fact I’m supposed to praise you.

Esther: You’re doing a great job. We’re glad you’re in the library.

Patron: What else does that card say?
Esther: Those are reminders to keep breathing and not to grimace.


3 thoughts on “210”

  1. Sue Mary Lester says:

    Part of my job is to shelf read. Unless Esther is going to help the guy re-shelve, she should just have him put the books on a shelving cart. I get headaches reading shelves where patrons have “helpfully” re-shelved books.

    1. Rilian says:

      Is there some problem with putting a book back exactly where you found it?

      1. Bookworm87 says:

        The problem is that most of the patrons do NOT put the books back exactly where they found them. And putting these misshelved books back in the right order means more work for the staff than re-shelving. (Sorry, I’m not sure if this is grammatically correct. I’m no native speaker…)

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