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Patron: I know you’re just waiting to make snide comments about me reading these teen books.

Patron: Go on. Take your best shot. You don’t intimidate me.

Lucy: Your complaint is they didn’t do anything?
Patron: Right. They know exactly how to push my buttons!


4 thoughts on “175”

  1. Robert in San Diego says:

    I am a bit miffed, and have been for a while, that books with YA or teen characters are themselves slotted into being for teen/YA readers. I am also more than somewhat peeved that really good books, books so important for everyone to have read that we enshrine them in school curricula, become in later years YA section books. “1984” and almost everything still in widespread print by H.G. Wells come to mind. Ok, I’m going to get off my soapbox and check out something new from the YA section on my next trip to the library.

    1. Stuff like that we usually keep copies of in multiple collections. For your example, we have one copy in Adult Fiction (because we’re unlikely to have more than one adult want to read it at a time) and four copies in High School Fiction (because lots of high school kids get exposed to or assigned it simultaneously).

      That being said, just because something is considered to be for people of a particular age doesn’t make it bad. I put in purchase requests for The Princess in Black series and I’m a 35-year-old man with no children.

  2. Laura says:

    http://thedevilspanties.com/archives/9786 Jennie Breeden expresses my opinion on the subject best. (link is SFW, despite the name of the comic)

  3. Jeff Youngstrom says:

    They’re all good books, Brent.

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