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↓ Transcript
Martin: Okay, I’ll check the book out to myself, add the fine to my account, then you’ll pay it.
Patron: Deal.

Martin: This makes me nervous. I’ve never damaged a book.

Martin: This will go on my permanent record. Everyone will think that it was me! They’ll wonder how I could be so--

Grant: I think you broke him.
Patron: Here’s what I owe. Tell him to keep the book.


2 thoughts on “155”

  1. Robert in San Diego says:

    Surely many of us who work front line customer service have had a situation where we’ve had to make up something ridiculous to get the job done.

  2. Bookworm87 says:

    Can’t he use some kind of “business-account”? At my library we don’t have to use our personal accounts in such situations. We have several library accounts. For example for events or for lost books.

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