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Patron 1: Well I hope you’re satisfied.
Patron 2: You are being relatively quiet so I am, thanks.

Patron 1: What kind of man has a young woman he doesn’t know fight his battles?
Patron 2: That wasn’t a battle.

Patron 1: You had to run to her for help.
Patron 2: That “young woman” is tougher than anyone in the building.

Patron 1: If I really decide to misbehave there’s nothing she can do to stop me.
Patron 2: Hold that thought, I want to get some snacks before you start the show.


4 thoughts on “149”

  1. 5007-574IN3D says:

    Okay. Legitimately asking to be kicked out of a library.

  2. Helene says:

    Purposely inconsiderate, confrontational and provocative.

    I will choose to believe, she’s just having a really, really bad day.

    1. Estelle says:

      I’ve met patrons like her that blow up at anyone who dares to tell them that their volume’s too loud (or that they’re doing anything else against the rules, for that matter). I’ve also had patrons turn passive aggressive (turning down the noise to an acceptable level when I tell them their volume’s too loud but turning it back up again once I’m back at my desk…this repeated several times untl I got my suervisor to confront them) or ask me to “prove” that it truly was too loud and that I could truly hear their music. So no, I wouldn’t assume it’s just a bad day. More likely a bad ego.

  3. EM says:

    Wait, your libraries are actually quiet??

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