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↓ Transcript
Laura: I saw you talking to the teens!

Laura: Did they come to you for help?
Esther: They told me to go away.

Laura: That’s how they show affection!

Laura: Did they ask for any book suggestions?
Esther: They asked me if I was cosplaying Laura Ingalls Wilder.


3 thoughts on “115”

  1. Bookworm1987 says:

    Esther always reminds me of the stiff governess “Miss Rottenhammer” in the swiss children’s book “Heidi”…

    1. Bookworm1987 says:

      “Miss Rottenmeier” – Sorry, it’s been a while since I read the book…

  2. Awesome Aud says:

    At least they know who Laura Ingalls Wilder is. They must be reading something!

    Or watching some really old TV shows!

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