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Esther: Here it is.

Esther: See? No problem. They’re far more weirded out that you’re here than you are to be here.

Patron: Wh--What did I just see?
Esther: Just back away slowly. Do not try to understand their ways.


4 thoughts on “112”

  1. Paul says:

    I like the ‘log on to “Fun”‘. 🙂
    True story, my local bus stop has a large poster up proudly boasting about their assessment results:

    “Our school is ‘good’ in all areas”

  2. 5007-574in3d says:


    Good lordy I swear I’ve seen a poster like that before.

    1. jeffy says:

      via GIPHY

      That probably won’t work. GIF of old Steve Buscemi trying to pass as a high schooler saying “How do you do, fellow kids?”

  3. Eva says:

    Where’s that ghost who reads over everyone’s shoulder?

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