Author: Gene Ambaum

Library Comic at ALA Annual 2017

Library Comic will have its first ever booth at an American Library Association Convention in Chicago June 23-26! Gene will be at booth #1321 in the exhibit hall’s Graphic Novel Pavilion. Please stop by to check out our new merchandise, tell him a story, or just to make sure he’s still standing.


Welcome to Library Comic!

Hey there, You’re here at the very beginning. Thanks for joining us. It’s good to have you here! Our first comic will post tomorrow. Library Comic is about the goings on at a large library with a large staff. (Chris and I have been quietly working on it for months as we wrapped up work on Unshelved.) We’re going to infuse it with the all sorts of realistic weirdness on both sides of the desk as we get to know the characters we’ve created. Right now our vision is that the central character will change from time to time, and I want the patrons to get as many good lines as the librarians, but we’ll see what happens. So far it’s been great fun, even though Chris is keeping me from having patrons clip their toenails in every comic (this is, apparently, my go-to weird/repulsive library patron behavior right now.) But I digress. We’d love to hear how you like it. And send […]